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RemoteDash Releases RDGear Tracks
for Vehicle Monitoring

SAN DIEGO – October 20, 2014 – RemoteDash is pleased to announce their new tracking application, RDGear Tracks, is available for sale and immediate delivery. RDGear Tracks allows employers and fleet managers to monitor the speed and location of their vehicles in real time and to receive alerts when limits are exceeded.

Ray Calhoun, CEO, stated, “National Transportation Safety Board reports that monitored drivers behaviors improve by over 40% just knowing they are being monitored. In addition, MPG’s, acceleration and maximum RPM’s can easily be monitored. All adding to vehicle safety, cost reduction and improved customer service.”

Mark Jones, President, commented, “RDGear Tracks continues our strategic initiative to provide low-cost, simple, and highly reliable wireless solutions for consumers and enterprises. RDGear Tracks is the lowest-cost vehicle monitoring system available for fleets and consumers, and provides a number of product features that are not available with higher cost products such as vehicle identification number (VIN) detection and VIN database retrieval, engine light and fault code detection and analysis, and daily/weekly/annual reports that provide data analysis in graphical and tabular forms. Additionally, our platform has been expanded to allow monitoring with a mobile phone only, without a requirement to login and dig through data. The data comes to you rather than you having to go to the data. “

About RemoteDash
RemoteDash, a Silver Bridge Technologies, LLC, Company, provides real-time, wireless monitoring with an extreme focus on low-cost, simple solutions for consumers. For more details on our products and services, visit www.remotedash.com.

Media Contacts:
Ray Calhoun
Silver Bridge Technologies, LLC
(858) 437-0123

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